Narrative content

1.   Chronological overview

2.   The Historical Context

3.   Polybius

4.   Livy

5.   The Second Punic War begins

6.   Hannibal crosses the Alps

7.   Hannibal's Campaigns 218-216bc

8.   Fabian Interlude

9.   The End of the War after Cannae: 215-202bc

10. Scipio Africanus

11. Significance of the War



Commentaries on the Sources

1.   Polybius on the Value of History

2.   Livy's account of Hannibal's march to the Alps

3.   Polybius and Livy on Hannibal's crossing of the Alps

4.   Polybius on the Battle of Trasimene

5.   Livy, Polybius and Plutarch on Fabius Maximus

6.   Livy on the Battle of Cannae

7.   Livy on the discussion between Hannibal and Scipio

8.   Livy on the Battle of Zama

9.   Sources on Hannibal's statesmanship   (nb NOT a set text)



Themes for Debate

1.   Did Hannibal cause the Second Punic War?

2.   How amazing was Hannibal's crossing of the Alps?

3.   How good a general was Hannibal?

4.   Did Fabius Maximus save Rome?

5.   Was Scipio a charlatan?

6.   Why did Rome win the War?

7.   How good a statesman was Hannibal?




The following websites will help you:

OCR textbook

OCR Sources book

Essential: Dexter Hoyos's introduction to Livy: Hannibal's War Books21-30 is difficult, but covers most of your specification

Recommended: Richard A Gabriel's Hannibal: The Military Biography of Rome's Greatest Enemy is easy-reading and erudite

Watch the BBC documentary Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare - but see if you can spot any mistakes!

Or read Hannibal goes to Rome - Hannibal's story in cartoon form!

Finally, these are the links to the blog-articles I have written about Hannibal:

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