Britain and World War II 




How did Britain resist and contribute to the defeat of Germany in the Second World War?

How did the war change life in Britain?



Study the topic through films!

These four classic films will give you a great insight:


Reach for the Sky

The Cruel Sea

The Longest Day



Britain in World War II

History Learning Site (excellent)

A Chronology of the period with hyperlinks

Spartacus encyclopaedia     

BBC site: excellent

Maps of World War II campaigns (detailed)

Battle of Britain site: excellent

Hannah Hatfield's Spirit of Normandy prize-winning work on D-Day!


The 'Home Front'

The Imperial War Museum site is good on Civilians and has a very simple site on the Home Front

Economic effects of the war

Essays on the Home Front by Joanne Oliver and Laura Cleland - must-read pieces!

Civvy Street in WWII (Tom Fletcher's memories) - wonderful account!


Collected memories

a. The best way to understand the home front during World War Two is to watch Hope and Glory, John Boorman's autobiographical film of life during the war from through (his own) child's eyes.


b. Mrs Lindley - School  Air-raids  Barrage balloon  Sheffield Blitz  Land Girls

c. Mrs Horton - War breaks out  Preparing  Air-raids  War production  Lodgers  Rationing

d. Mrs Topping - American soldiers  Sweet rations  Air-raids  War work  Children

e. Marion Clare - Blackout  Rationing  Air-raids  War work  Love

f. Joyce Hardaker - War work  Rationing

g. Brenda Wood - Gas Masks  Blackout  Rationing  Air-raids  Canadian hero  VE Day

h. Thelma Hall - My War Starts.   School RationingGas MasksClothesAir Raids and Shelters.

i.   Memories on video - very accessible

j. Blackpool memories - old people talking: fab!

k. More memories   


The Aycliffe Angels

  Chesham at War

  Brilliant BBC audio-clips from the war

Problems on the Home Front

A Socialist view of the war - argues that some sacrificed more than others to win the war

An American soldier's letters

The 1940s House





In this module you will learn about:  

  • The Day War Broke Out 

  • Evacuation

  • Conscription

  • The Blitz

  • Rationing

  • The Phoney War

  • Dunkirk

  • The Battle of Britain

  • The Battle of the Atlantic

  • D-Day