The Origins of the Cold War

CLICK HERE to see Scott Allsop's FANTASTIC video of the events of post-war Europe - 8MB download but worth the wait!          How many of the events he features can you recognise?



  1. Hot War/ Cold War

  2. Causes

  3. Yalta and Potsdam

  4. Hiroshima

  5. Salami tactics

  6. Fulton

  7. Truman Doctrine/ Marshall Plan

  8. Berlin Blockade

  9. Self-test 1945-1949

  10. Korean War 

  11. Khrushchev and Peaceful Co-existence






Why did the USA and USSR become rivals in the period 1945 to 1949? - Historiography


  Cold War: basic narrative overview

Cold War: simple overview specifically aimed at the AQA GCSE.


  Scott Allsop's FABULOUS video of the post-war world - how many of the events he features do you recognise?


- Scott Allsop's very simple introductory podcast on the Cold War - just to start you off

- Giles Hill on the Cold War

- BBC debate-podcast on the start of the Cold War

- BBC debate-podcast on Khrushchev's effect on the Cold War


- quirky view - Cold War: causes

- quirky view - Cold War: development


•    International relations 1945-1962 - brilliant simple overview


Cold War Timeline

History Learning Site (excellent)

SchoolHistory Interactive Diagrams - GREAT!


The Learning Curve Cold War site (by Ben Walsh)

Cold War map

CNN: Cold War Declassified (a brilliant set of interviews with 'key players' about a range of important Cold War issues)

The Cold War Online Museum (a collection of articles)

Germany during the Cold War


Mr Field's excellent revision exercise






In this module you will learn:  

  • FOUR causes of the Cold War [BARE].

  • NINE events which caused the Cold War.

  • FOUR decisions made at the Yalta Conference.

  • TWO decisions and three disagreements at the Potsdam conference.

  • The ‘salami tactics’ that brought Communists to power in Eastern Europe

  • FIVE causes [CABAN] and FOUR results [CENA] of the Berlin crisis, 1948–9.

  • FIVE ‘Berlin Airlift Facts’.

  • FOUR causes of the Korean War [CJD-Kim].

  • FIVE phases of the Korean War, 1950–53.

  • FOUR ways Khrushchev brought a ‘thaw’ in the Cold War.

  • THREE ways ‘peaceful co-existence’ worsened the Cold War.

  • EIGHT countries in the Warsaw Pact.