Causes of World War One 19001914




1.  Background

2.  The Growing Crisis

3.  Four Steps to War

4.  Self-test



5.  Revision sheet

6.  Hard-copy booklet





The Causes of World War One - Views of historians

BBC News magazine - Who started WWI



Blackadder on the causes of World War One

- BBC debate-podcast on why war broke out

- Giles Hill on the causes of the First World War

- quirky view


Map of Europe in 1914

Good notes + activities: recommended

More notes 

Brilliant overview from wikipedia

Reed Brett on the Causes of the War

Prof Rempel on the Causes


Interactive lesson - really good once you think you have got the basic idea

BBC site - by Gary Sheffield

Blackadder on the Causes of World War One - can you understand the humour?

This site looks at the coming of war from Britain's point of view

This thread on the History Help forum looks at how you can blame almost everyone and everyone for starting the war!

Two essays, one arguing that militarism, the other that nationalism was to blame

Nebojsa Malic argues simply and effectively that Serbia was not to blame, but that Austria and Germany wanted war.

Gerhard Rempel and Raffael Scheck claim that Germany was to blame - very difficult  

Steven Sowards sees the War as developing out of the situation in the Balkans - again, very difficult


Mr Punch's History of the Great War - first published in 1919; includes lots of cartoons


In this module you will learn:  


The tensions in Europe which led to war [ANIMAL].    

The 8 crises of 1900-1914 [BiG FaT BABA]    

The 4 steps to war, July-August 1914 [ARSE]