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The Road to World War II



  1. Hitler's Aims

  2. 8 Steps to War

  3. Appeasement

  4. Sudetenland

  5. Appeasement ends

  6. Nazi-Soviet Pact

  7. Causes of WWII

  8. Self-test





  International relations 1919-39: basic narrative overview

Peace to War 1919-39: clear overview aimed specifically at the old AQA GCSE.



- Giles Hill on the Road to War

- BBC debate-podcast on what caused the war

- quirky view


History Learning Site - excellent

IGCSE notes: an exemplar set of student notes

The BBC Causes of World War II site

An excellent site on 'Why World War II?'


A good set of notes, suitable for top-GCSE/A-level, which address long- and short-term causes and give a brief historiography.

A site studying the theories of AJP Taylor about why there was a war

Cartoonists and the idea of a Stufenplan - Did Hitler have a plan for war?  And did the cartoonist David Low realise it?


A site about 1938 - including many radio broadcasts







In this module you will learn:  

  • FIVE new words

  • Hitler’s THREE aims in his Foreign Policy.

  • SIX steps to war.

  • SEVEN key dates in the Sudetenland crisis.

  • EIGHT views of appeasement.

  • NINETEEN reasons Chamberlain appeased Hitler [A–S].

  • THREE reasons British policy towards Hitler changed, 1938–1939.

  • FOUR reasons Anglo-Soviet talks failed [SCAB].

  • FOUR reasons Russia allied itself to Germany in 1939 [THUG]