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Before the war even began, the government evacuated the children and pregnant women from London to the countryside.

     Why?   Because they thought that if people saw them dying in bombing raids public morale would collapse and people would want to give up fighting the war.

     Hosting an evacuee was a terrible task.   Equally, however, many evacuees ended up in abusive or dirty homes.   Most of them were terribly homesick.   (On the other hand, some evacuees MUCH PREFERRED their new homes to their real families!)

     Most children went back home during the Phoney War.   In the end, people's morale kept up better by having their children there with them.



1.  1-3 Sep 1939: more than 800,000 children were evacuated.  

2.  Teachers evacuated with their pupils.

3.  Problems with evacuee children included: swearing, peeing on the walls and wetting the bed.   Many were filthy and naughty, and had never eaten food from a table or slept in a bed.


TOP TRICK: remind yourself of the story of Goodnight Mr Tom you can use its details as 'for example, some...' facts in your essay.


Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1- World War Two  topic, so think about how you will USE the information to answer sourcework questions.  

You will need:

1.  A GENERAL UNDERSTANDING of 'what was going on', so you can make intelligent comments on the purpose of the sources.

2.  Some FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE so you can assess the factual accuracy of the sources.


This paper is ALL sourcework questions, so make sure you know how to do them.


NOTE PARTICULARLY that there is no choice of questions on this topic - so...





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