1. The Weimar Constitution

  2. Weimar problems

  3. How far did the republic recover?

  4. The Nazis 1919-29

  5. Hitler's Rise to Power

  6. Consolidating Power

  7. Apparatus of Power

  8. How Nazi Rule affected Germans

  9. Self-test





  Germany 1919-1939: basic narrative overview

Germany 1919-39: simple overview specifically aimed at the old AQA GCSE, plus detailed notes on specific topics.


Basic notes      

SchoolHistory Interactive Diagrams - GREAT!

History Learning Site - excellent

HistoryGCSE.org - online revision notes, including exemplar essays.

majzlik.com - AS/A level notes by the History Co-ordinator of Guildford School.

Dr Dennis's model answers - very clear and useful exemplar answers, aimed at OCR



- BBC video Make Germany Pay Parts 1 and 2



- Scott Allsop's podcast on Weimar Germany

- BBC debate-podcast on Hitler's Rise toPower

- Scott Allsop's podcast on Hitler's Rise to Power

- Giles Hill's excellent podcasts on Germany 1918-1939

- Scott Allsop's podcast on Nazi Control of Germany

- BBC debate-podcast on life in Nazi Germany

- Scott Allsop's podcast on life in Nazi Germany


- quirky view - Weimar Germany

- quirky view - Nazi Germany



Mr Portman's great video    



Wikipedia- good overview encyclopaedia site

The old BBCi notes on the Rise of Hitler

'College notes' - abbreviated but lots of ideas.


Prof. G Rempel's lectures - academic/ detailed

Weimar Republic:

- 1918 Revolution

- Legacy of Versailles

- Economic and Political Problems

- Foreign Policy Problems

- Good Years

- Collapse of Weimar

- Weimar Culture

The Nazis:

- Nazi Origins

- Beer Hall Putsch

- Wilderness Years

- Paramilitary Groups

- Road to Power

- Seizure of Power

- Nazi Politics

- Totalitarian Rule


Prof. Raffael Scheck's site - very detailed

Nicky Boughey's comparison of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia


A biography of Hitler - with lots of pictures

Hitler Historiography - what historians have said about Hitler over they ears.

Frank E Smitha - online book VERY hard








In this module you will learn:

  • THREE phases of German history 1919–1933.

  • FIVE differences in the Constitution, 1914 versus 1919.

  • FIVE problems the Weimar government faced, 1919-1923 [ILRIM]

  • SEVEN causes of the Weimar government’s problems [CROAPOP]

  • The 25-point programme of the Nazi Party

  • The FOUR principles of Mein Kampf.

  • The FIVE causes of the Munich Putsch [Why Nazis Supported Munich Battle]

  • FOUR results of the Munich Putsch [Defeat? Tell Me Something!]

  • FOUR reasons the Weimar republic survived [FASS]

  • SIX things Stresemann achieved [DIFFER]

  • FIVE ways Hitler reorganised the Nazi Party, 1924–1928.

  • NINE reasons Hitler came to power in 1933 [LIMP PAPER].

  • EIGHT steps by which Hitler turned his position as Chancellor into that of Fuhrer.

  • SEVEN ways the Nazis kept control of the German people.

  • SIX German social groups affected by the Nazi regime.