Russia 1917–1941



1.   How Strong was the Tsar in 1913?

2.   Why was there a Revolution?

3.   Provisional Government

4.   November Revolution

5.   Bolshevik State

6.   Civil War

7.   NEP

8.   Stalin Takes Power

9.   Stalin's Terror

10. Collectivisation

11. 5-Year Plans

12. Life in Russia 1914-41

13. Self-test  


  Russia 1917-1941: basic narrative overview

Russia 1905-45: simple overview specifically aimed at the AQA GCSE.

Basic Information

History Learning Site

Notes online (MUST read)

Spartacus (encyclopaedia on Russia)

S Reed Brett on the Russian revolution (1967)

Alexandra Palace Time Machine (fantastic)

Nicholas and Alexandra exhibition - and try the virtual tour

Painting, photos and audio of Lenin

Poster and audio of Stalin

100 Russian jokes - insight into attitudes

Historiography - changing History!

- BBC debate-podcast on the Causes of the Russian Revolution of March 1917

- BBC debate-podcast on Lenin

- BBC debate-podcast on Stalin

- quirky view - 1917 Revolutions

- quirky view - Bolsheviks

- quirky view - Stalin


1  2  3 - PLUS great music!

Harder Information

Chronology  - mediocre

Prof. G Rempel's lectures - academic/ detailed

•  1917 Revolution

•  War Communism

•  New Econmic Policy

•  Stalin vs Trotsky

•  Collectivisation

•  The Purge


Nicky Boughey's comparison of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia

An anarchist talks about the Russian Revolution

Blood-stained Russia (eyewitness account)

Foreign Witnesses of the Revolution period

Ten Days that Shook the World (see esp. Ch 4)

Revelations: Russian Archives exhibition

Stalin didn't fall from the Moon (Anarchist view)



In this module you will learn:

•  FIVE strengths and SEVEN weaknesses of the Tsar’s Government in 1913

•  FIVE causes of the March 1917 Revolution [Why Was There A Disaster?]

•  Events on the SIX days of the March Revolution

•  SIX problems of the Provisional Government [Government That’s Provisional Will Be Killed]

•  Events of the Provisional Government, March – November 1917

•  THREE days of Bolshevik Revolution, 6–8 November 1917

•  SEVEN reasons the Bolsheviks won [Perhaps Seven Powers Gave Lenin An Opportunity]

•  SIX characteristics of the Bolsheviks state [Great Big Changes Create Terrible War]

•  THREE causes of the Civil War [Causes of the Civil War]

•  SIX reasons the Bolsheviks won [Why The Bolsheviks Won The War]

•  SEVEN events of the Civil War, 1918–1921.

•  The New Economic Policy[NEP]

•  How Stalin took power [Stalin Takes Power]

•  SIX reasons Stalin introduced Collectivisation [Six Factors Now To Collectivise Kolkhoz]

•  A timeline of Collectivisation

•  SIX successes [Quite Modern Government Technology Enriches Collectivisation] of Collectivisation and

•  THREE failures [Poor Foolish Kulaks] of Collectivisation

•  FOUR reasons Stalin introduced the 5-Year Plans

•  TEN ways the 5-Year Plans industrialised Russia

•  THREE successes and THREE failures of the 5-Year Plans

•  Why Stalin started the Purges [Why Unneeded Purges]

•  FOUR characteristics of Stalin’s Terror [Stalin Takes Total Control]

•  NINE results of the Terror [Results Of The Terror – Insane Stalin Grabs All Power