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The League’s main meeting, held once a year.

All League nations could attend.

Decisions only by unanimous vote.



Met 4-5 times a year and in crises to solve international disputes.

5 permanent members

(Br, Fr, It, Jap & Ger after 1926).

Permanent members had a veto.


Conference of Ambassadors

Informal meetings of the more important countries.  

Not part of the League, but often made decisions.










 The Agencies and Commissions



Court of International Justice

15 judges meeting at the Hague in the Netherlands.

Gave decisions on, e.g., fishing and shipping disputes.

Only made decisions when asked.

Had no power to enforce decisions.


Slavery Commission

To abolish slavery.  



Health Committee

To improve public health world-wide.





Mandates Commission

Made sure that League countries were ruling the mandates properly.

Administered League-controlled areas such as the Saar and Danzig.  


International Labour Organisation

Met once a year.

Invited government, employers and workers representatives.

To improve working conditions.  



Refugees Committee

To help refugees and disaster victims.