Results of the Munich Putsch

How did the failure of the Munich Putsch ironically contribute to Hitler becoming chancellor?


On 9 November 1923, Hitler, Ludendorff and 3000 SA men marched on Munich's army headquarters. On the way they met a police barricade which opened fire, killing sixteen Nazis. Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years imprisonment. Ludendorff was found not guilty. At the trial Hitler gained enormous publicity with Hitler's every word was reported in the newspapers. Hitler turned into a bit of a celebrity which no doubt helped him into power in 1932.

As a result of the Munich Putsch, Hitler spent nine months in the Landsberg Prison and he was banned from speaking publicly. The Nazi party was also banned. However, whilst in prison Hitler learnt many lessons.


1.  Firstly, he learnt that the only way to get power was to stand in elections and once in power, destroy the system from within. This is how he eventually became Fuhrer of Germany when he became chancellor and then passed the Enabling Act.

2.  Secondly, he realised that he needed the support of the army and the business community. The army had refused to support Hitler in the Munich Putsch, resulting in its failure. When he was released from prison he won the support of the army by reassuring them that he would not ignite a future war in Germany if he got into power and he promised to deal with Communists and expand the army. He won the support of the business community by saying he would reduce the power of workers and weaken trade unions.

3.  Finally, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, which allowed him to work out his own beliefs. It also provided a 'Bible' for the Nazi party and he provided himself as a martyr. These acted like corner stones for the Nazi party.

Hitler had become a politician due to the time he spent in prison thinking about why he failed in the Munich Putsch. All of these things helped Hitler gain power in 1932 and had he not been sent to prison in 1923, he would have probably failed in another Putsch and been sent to prison for the rest of his life.


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