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D-Day and the defeat of Germany


D-Day and defeat of Germany.




1.  Preparations for D-Day.

2.  Great difficulty and losses of D-Day.

3.  Did the Americans 'win the war'?


4.  How valid are film representations of D-Day, such as The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan?


Read the e-book page on D-Day.





1.  ‘Operation Overlord’ was led by the American General Ike Eisenhower.

2.  Some men at Dover (+ wooden tanks) AND a Spanish double agent convinced the Nazis that the main invasion was at Calais, and that the Normandy attack was just a diversion.   

3.  3 am, 6 June 1944: 6,000 ships/ 200,000 seamen/ 185,000 soldiers/ 20,000 vehicles/ 20,000 men dropped by parachute or landed in gliders behind enemy lines/ 11,000 planes/ 7 battleships, 23 cruisers and 105 destroyers.

4.  British and Canadians at Gold, Juno, Sword (4500 casualties but captured a large area).   Americans at Utah (only 210 casualties) and Omaha.

5.  Disaster at Omaha - B17 bombers overshot/ Nazi defences dug into the cliffs/ the Nazis had just moved in their crack 352nd Division/ powerful tide sank many landing craft = 3,000 casualties.





Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1- World War Two  topic, so think about how you will USE the information to answer sourcework questions.  

You will need:

1.  A GENERAL UNDERSTANDING of 'what was going on', so you can make intelligent comments on the purpose of the sources.

2.  Some FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE so you can assess the factual accuracy of the sources.


This paper is ALL sourcework questions, so make sure you know how to do them.


NOTE PARTICULARLY that there is no choice of questions on this topic - so...





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