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Conscription and Internment


Conscription; internment.




1.  The need for conscription - other forms of service such as the Home Guard.

2.  The need to conscript people (including women) into industry.

3.  Initial over-reaction and wide-scale internment of foreign nationals (some had lived in Britain for generations) - later separating them into categories of risk.


4.  How valid is the comedy series Dad's Army as an image of life in the Home Guard?


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1.  3 Sept 1939: National Service (Armed Forces) Act - so in Jan 1940: two million men aged 20–27 were called up.  

2.  Tax inspectors, engineers, coal miners exempt.

3.  Tribunals for Conscientious Objectors (sent to farms, hospitals, in the Pacifist Service Units, Friends Ambulance Unit).  60,000 sent to prison. 

4.  May 1940: Emergency Powers Act (could conscript workers into essential industries - e.g. 22,000 ‘Bevin boys’ conscripted to mines).  

5.  Mar 1941: Essential Works Order (women 20-30 could be conscripted into war work). 



1.  1939: 74,000 Germans interviewed to see if they were loyal - 64,000 were ‘Category C’ (=loyal).  

2.  At first only 600 ‘Category A’ (=a danger to Britain) Germans interned.  

3.  When Italy declared war on Britain (1940), Churchill had all Italians in Britain arrested: by 1940, 27,000 Germans and Italians were interned.  

4.  First women interned during 1940.

5.  By summer 1941 fear of invasion had fallen, and this had fallen to 5,000.





Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1- World War Two  topic, so think about how you will USE the information to answer sourcework questions.  

You will need:

1.  A GENERAL UNDERSTANDING of 'what was going on', so you can make intelligent comments on the purpose of the sources.

2.  Some FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE so you can assess the factual accuracy of the sources.


This paper is ALL sourcework questions, so make sure you know how to do them.


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