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Hungarian Revolution


Hungary, 1956.



You MUST know the story of the Hungarian Revolution and its results.




The Hungarian Revolution


•   Khrushchev's policy of 'destalinisation' undermined all the Stalinist govts of Eastern Europe (e.g. riots in Poland and Czechoslovakia).

•   The Hungarians hated Russian control - sending food to Russia, Russian control of education, and Russian troops in Hungary.

•   They hated Rakosi's Stalinist government, especially censorship, the AVH, and repression of Catholicism (Cardinal Mindzenty in prison)

•   They were led to believe that Eisenhower or the UN would help.


•   23 Oct: revolution - students attacked the AVH and Russian troops, and toppled a huge statue of Stalin.  

•   Khrushchev refused to help Rakosi, who fell from power.

•   24 Oct–3 Nov: a new government led by Imre Nagy introduced democracy, freedom of speech and religion (Cardinal Mindzenty joined the government)

•   Nagy asked Khrushchev to take Russian troops out of Hungary - Khrushchev agreed.


•   But then Nagy announced Hungary was leaving the Warsaw Pact.

•   4 Nov: 1000 Russian tanks crushed the revolution.

•   Western powers protested but didn’t send troops.



Results of the Hungarian Revolution

In Hungary

•   4,000 Hungarians (including Nagy) were executed.

•   200,000 Hungarians fled to the West.

•   The Russians put Janos Kadar into power.


Cold War:

•   Russia stayed in total control behind the Iron Curtain.

•   Communism was utterly discredited in the west - many western communists resigned from the Communist party.

•   Western leaders became more determined to oppose communism.


Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1 topic, so concentrate on learning:

1.   WHAT happened

2.   EFFECTS/ Importance



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