MARKSCHEME: How marks are allocated for this question

Target: Analysis and explanation of an event (AO 6.1)



Level 1: Simple Response

§      Either describes various associated facts.

§      Or simple general statements on causes



Level 2: Basic Ideas

§      Either narrative implying analysis of causes – e.g. ‘tells’ the story, but clearly identifying causal factors within the narrative.

§      Or multicausal explanation lacking development – for instance identifies a number of causes but the explanation is unsupported/undeveloped

§      Or developed monocausal answer

Reasoned arguments with little supporting evidence should go at this level.



Level 3: Argued response, focussed on the question

§      Either developed, multicausal answer – at least two points from the list in level 2 are adequately explained, and also developed with proper supplementary evidence.

§      Or a narrative/factual response is developed into a coherent argument establishing causation

Arguments at this level should have substantial factual supporting evidence.



Level 4: Sophisticated answer 

§      A balanced, sustained, analytical and multicausal answer, well-supported with supplementary/’proving’ evidence, showing planning and direction, weighing and linking ideas and explanations – e.g. identifies the relative importance and interplay of short and long-term causes.

MUST come to a reasoned judgement for full marks.