MARKSCHEME: How marks are allocated for this question

Target: Evaluation of the utility of a source (AO 6.3) in context (AO 6.1)



Level 1: Simple statements

Either looks at the provenance or the content and makes a simple factual statement (e.g. ‘It is useful for showing that crowds of people saluted Hitler’.)

Or ‘learned response’: makes simple statements which could apply to any source (e.g. ‘It is useful because it is an official poster and must be accurate.’).



Level 2: Simple points

Either uses the provenance of the source to make statements based on ORIGIN – e.g. it was a Nazi poster and so will be biased).

Or uses the content to make simple comments on the reasons – e.g. it shows people cheering him and I know he was popular at this time.


To get to this level, these ideas MUST include some explanation of why this makes it useful.



Level 3: Developed points

Develops an argument using provenance or content to draw out the purpose of the source and then suggest reasons why it is useful – e.g. it shows us how the Nazis used propaganda to attract support.

Up to level 3 the examiner seems to be looking only for an answer to: 'How is the source useful?'



Level 4: Sophistication

As Level 3, but develops convincing arguments using BOTH provenance and facts/ debating limitations/ showing depth of knowledge to substantiate the arguments about usefulness.

For level 3 the examiner needs an answer to: 'How useful is the source?''