MARKSCHEME: How marks are allocated for this question

Target: Analysis & evaluation of interpretations (AO 6.3) in context (AO 6.1)



Level 1: Simple response

Either looks at the provenance and draws simple contrasts with little or no explanation – e.g. F was a Nazi and G was a British historian

Or make simple statements, accepting the sources at face value – e.g. Source F is different to source G because they say different things/ because F is correct and G is incorrect.



Level 2: Undeveloped points

Either uses the provenance of the source to suggest reasons based on ORIGIN – e.g. the Nazi would have been biased and the British textbook writer would not.   Includes ‘learned response’ explanations (e.g. benefit of hindsight/ more documents to draw on).

Or uses factual information to make simple comments on the reasons – e.g. there are different theories about the Reichstag fire which these two sources represent.


To get to this level, these ideas MUST include an explanation of why this led them to be different.



Level 3: Developed points

Either develops an argument using the purpose of the source to suggest reasons – e.g. Diels wanted to make the Nazis look innocent/ Bullock aimed to show Hitler as a tyrant and wanted to make the Nazis look guilty.

Or develops an argument using factual information about its context – e.g. compares content closely with own detailed knowledge to evaluate and then compare the two interpretations.



Level 4: Sophistication

As Level 3, but develops convincing arguments using BOTH provenance and facts.