MARKSCHEME: How marks are allocated for this question

Target: Comparison of sources to detect differences (AO 6.2)



Level 1: Selects details from the sources to describe content

e.g. weak generalisations OR contrasts the content of the sources



Level 2: Provides details from the sources to make simple comparisons

e.g. compares details of content in the sources OR draws out differences of approach, tone, or belief and emphasis (what ideas they are supporting).



Level 3: Comparison of the sources to explain emphasis and tone

i.e. looks at choice of words/ details to deduce differences in approach, content, emphasis or tone and EXPLAINS HOW we know.


         If the question asks how sources differ, no marks are awarded for pointing out similarities.

         Pupils get no credit for demonstrating their own knowledge, for comparing provenances, for explaining why they are different or for comparing the reliability or usefulness of the sources.