MARKSCHEME: How marks are allocated for this question

Target: Analysis and explanation of events leading to consequence (AO 6.2)



Level 1: Simple descriptive statements based on own knowledge

e.g. Germany lost a lot of land and wanted it back/ Germany was blamed for the war and had to pay



Levels 2 - 3: Beginning to develop argument

At this point the examiners put together levels 2 and 3 and operate very complicated markscheme based on three levels of answer:

1. describes WHAT was said/happened (e.g. lists territory take from Germany)

2. explains WHY this angered Germans (e.g. humiliation, couldn’t afford etc.)

3. assesses HOW MUCH this angered Germans (e.g. led to economic ruin causing anger).

The marks are awarded according to the best kevel you achieve on either side:

§         Describes one = 3

§         Describes  both = 4

§         Explains one, describes the other = 4

§         Explains both = 5

§         Assesses one, explains the other = 6

§         Assesses both = 7

The criterion for L3 reads: ‘a selective and structured account covering both bullet points, focussed on the question and establishing some argument’.



Level 4: Balanced, well-argued answer, focussed on the question

Assesses both parts in depth and successfully compares the effects of the two, coming to a reasoned judgement.