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Paris Peace Conference


Paris Peace Conference:

Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau – their views and motives



1.  Make sure that you know the STORY of the Paris Peace Conference.

2.  Make sure that, for each of the Big Three, you can explain:

●   WHAT they wanted

●   How successful they were in getting what they wanted.

●   Their IMPORTANCE within the conference/peace process




The Paris Peace Conference


The conference met to sort out the peace after WWI.  

Most people wanted a lasting peace, but many people wanted to 'make Germany pay'.  

President Wilson of America (who wanted the League of Nations) fell out with President Clemenceau of France (who wanted to destroy Germany), with Prime Minister Lloyd George of Britain in the middle wanting a compromise.



1   Jan 1919, delegates from 32 countries met at Versailles

2   25 March Fontainbleau Memorandum - Lloyd George forced Clemenceau and Wilson to agree (he got Clemenceau to accept the LoN, and Wilson to accept Clause 231).

3   28 June: the Germans were forced to sign.




What the Big Three Wanted


Wilson wanted a fair peace based on his 14 Points, including:

1.   self-determination

2.   International Co-operation (League of Nations)


Clemenceau wanted revenge, to punish and destroy Germany by:

1.   Reparations (’make Germany pay’)

2.   an independent Rhineland.

Lloyd George

Lloyd George had promised to 'make Germany pay', but did not want revenge like France - he wanted a 'just' peace, including:

1.   expand British Empire by getting Mandates

2.   protect British navy (by reducing the German navy)




What the Big Three Got



•   League of Nations


•   War-guilt clause

•   colonies were given no say in their future



•   War-guilt, disarmament and reparations

•   Getting Alsace-Lorraine


•   only got Saar for 15 years)

•   wanted an independent Rhineland, not just demilitarised.

Lloyd George


•   reducing German navy

•   getting German colonies as British mandates


•   harshness of reparations




Importance of the Big Three


1.   Got the League of Nations - new way of keeping the peace still seen today (in UN).

2.   Failed to get US Congress to agree ToV or LoN - so made sure they both failed


1.   Harshness of ToV angered the Germans and gave Hitler his chance.

2.   Weakened Germany until Hitler re-armed after 1935.

Lloyd George

1.   Helped the British empire and the British navy

2.   Saved the Conference by the Fontainbleau memorandum



Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1 topic, so concentrate on learning:

1.   WHAT happened

2.   EFFECTS/ Importance



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