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Hungarian Revolution


Hungary, 1956.



You MUST know the story of the Hungarian Revolution and its results.




The Hungarian Revolution


The Hungarians hated Russian control, and in 1956 they rebelled.   They knocked over a huge statue of Stalin and asked the Russian army to leave.

The new government brought in democracy and freedom of speech.

But then the Hungarians said they were going to leave the Warsaw Pact, so the Russians sent in 1000 tanks and destroyed the revolution.



   It was Khrushchev's policy of 'destalinisation' which encouraged the Hungarians to attack Rakosi's (Stalinist) government in Hungary.

   A big cause of the revolution was Catholicism (the new government allowed freedom of religion and let Cardinal Mindzenty out of prison).

   The leader of the new government was Imre Nagy.



Results of the Hungarian Revolution

In Hungary

   There was terrible repression - 4,000 Hungarians (including Nagy) were executed.

   Many Hungarians fled to the West.



   Russia stayed in total control behind the Iron Curtain BUT

   Communism looked totally evil to people in the west, and

   Western leaders became more determined to stop communism.


Revision Focus

This is a Paper 1 topic, so concentrate on learning:

1.   WHAT happened

2.   EFFECTS/ Importance



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    Hungarian Revolution