1. China before World War II

  2. The Communists during the Second World War

  3. The Communists take power 1949

  4. Changes under Mao - I: Industry 1949-56

  5. Changes under Mao - II: The Great Leap 1958-62

  6. Changes under Mao - III: Agriculture 1950-62

  7. The impact of the Communistsí reforms 1949-63

  8. Political Oppression before the Cultural Revolution

  9. The Cultural Revolution

  10. After Mao Zedong

  11. China and the USSR

  12. China and the USA

  13. China's Relations with its Neighbours



BBC News: very simple overview.

gcsehistory.org.uk: exam-relevant information.

History Learning Site: basic information.

China: A County Study - chapters 23-29: very simple overview.

China from Mao to Deng Xiaoping: Frank Smitha's online narrative history.


Hodder Modern World History: the complete chapter from Ben Walsh's excellent textbook.


Chinese posters: raw propaganda.


Oxford Spires Academy: China 1911-49 Revision Notes.


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