Alexander the Great



Narrative content

1.   Chronological overview

2.   Arrian

3.   Plutarch

4.   Macedon and Philip II

5.   Alexander's Youth

6.   The Assassination of Philip II

7.   Alexander Seizes Power

8.   The Macedonian Army

9.   The Persian Empire

10. Alexander's Campaigns

11. Alexander Rules his Empire

12. Alexander's Legacy




Commentaries on the Sources

1.   Plutarch's account of Alexander's Youth

2.   Diodorus Siculus on the Assassination of Philip II

3.   Arrian on Alexander's invasion up to the battle of the Granicus

4.   Arrian on the Gordian Knot

5.   Arrian on the siege of Tyre

6.   Arrian and Plutarch on the battle of Gaugamela

7.   Arrian and Plutarch on the death of Cleitus

8.   Arrian on Callisthenes and proskynesis

9.   Arrian on Alexander's Government and the Weddings at Susa

10. Arrian on the Death of Hephaestion

11. Plutarch on the Death of Alexander

12. Arrian's Assessment of Alexander




Themes for Debate

1.   Alexander's influences – Nature or Nurture?

2.   How 'Great' was Alexander as a Military Commander?

3.   Alexander’s Aims – Grand Design or Growing Ambition?

4.   Alexander and his Companions

5.   How Real was the 'Policy of Fusion'?

6.   Questions concerning Alexander’s Divinity

7.   How 'Great' was Alexander the Great?




The following websites will help you:

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Essential: watch Iron Maiden's video Alexander the Great (1986); how does the song interpret Alexander's achievements and legacy?

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