America 1919–1941



1.  After WWI - isolationism?

2.  Tariffs & Immigration

3.  1920s: prosperity and poverty

4.  The 'Roaring Twenties'

5.  Crash and Depression

6.  Effects of the Depression

7.  The New Deal - measures

8.  The New Deal - evaluation

9.  Hard-copy booklet



SchoolHistory Interactive Diagrams - GREAT!

History Learning Site - excellent

Spartacus - notes on all the key events/ issues



- Giles Hill excellent podcasts on the USA





In this module you will learn:  


•  FIVE reasons the America people were isolationist [IMAGE]

•  TWO principles of the Fordney-McCumber Act

•  FOUR reasons Americans wanted high tariffs  [WAIF]

•  THREE reasons Americans wanted to stop immigration  [PRT]

•  THREE laws to control immigration

•  THREE measures to 'Americanize' immigrants

•  NINE indications of a booming economy in the 1920s  [CI SUCCESS]

•  TEN reasons why industry boomed in the 1920s  [PAT GOT CASH]

•  EIGHT weaknesses of the American economy in the 1920s  [FLOP CUTS]

•  FIVE aspects of the 'Roaring Twenties'   [POWER]

•  SIX examples of racism in 1920s America  [HACKLE]

•  FIVE aspects of the Black renaissance   [RHINO]

•  SIX factors leading to Prohibition   [ACRIME]

•  SIX ways prohibition was a failure   [DAMAGE]

•  THREE ways Prohibition was a success   [ALE]

•  FOUR causes of the Great Crash of 1929

•  SEVEN causes of the Great Depression of the 1930s

•  SEVEN ways the Great Depression was terrible [Some Farmers Were Handling Hardship Very Badly]

•  THREE ways the Great Depression was not as bad as it is often painted

•  THREE aspects of the First New Deal [Can Fdr Achieve]

•  FIVE aspects of the Second New Deal [New Social Standards 'N Fairness]

•  FIVE successes of the New Deal [5Rs]

•  THREE failures of the New Deal [3Ds]

•  FIVE opponents of the New Deal [BRASS]